The Astronomical Cost for Shin Min Ah’s Special Effects Makeup in “Oh My Venus” Revealed

It’s not cheap to make someone look like someone they’re not, even in the world of drama special effects! Can you guess the astounding cost of Shin Min Ah‘s special effects makeup in “Oh My Venus“?

A representative from the production team of “Oh My Venus” told OSEN on November 23, “The suit that Shin Min Ah wears is disposable. All in all, the entire thing cost upwards of 200 million won (approximately $172,370).”


Shin Min Ah’s character in the drama is an overweight lawyer who seeks help losing weight from a fitness trainer, played by So Ji Sub. On the topic of her character, Shin Min Ah said, “From the beginning, I wanted to make sure that [my character] wasn’t a stereotypical fat girl. I wanted to show her as a fool, but in a realistic way. Thankfully, thanks to the special effects makeup this was able to come out naturally.”

Have you started watching “Oh My Venus”? If you haven’t, check out the first episode below!

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