Park Jin Young Reveals Yang Hyun Suk’s Secret

On the November 23 broadcast of SBS’s “Healing Camp,” singer and producer Park Jin Young appeared as the guest.

While sharing his opinions about the other judges on “K-Pop Star,” he opened up about YG Entertainment founder Yang Hyun Suk who appears on the show as one of the judges.

park jin young

Park Jin Young cracked everyone up when he said, “I think Yang Hyun Suk does get a little competitive with other judges. He’s the only judge who comes to the studio with about five to six prepared comments. He picks out one of them when it’s appropriate.”

As for singer Yoo Hee Yeol who is also one of the judges, Park Jin Young commented, “He’s so kind. He gives advice to each and every contestant. Hyun Suk and Hee Yeol came up with a secret code. When one of them gets long-winded with their feedback, the other person touches his ear.”

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