CNBLUE’s Lee Jungshin Gives Firsthand Advice on Pet Adoption

It seems as though CNBLUE‘s Lee Jung Shin has a public service announcement for us when it comes to adopting pets!

On November 23, Lee Jung Shin appeared on the “CNBLUE’s Mental Gap” broadcast via the Naver V app. During the broadcast he said, “Before you decide to raise a dog, especially a big dog, you need to consider if you have the proper environment for it.” He continued, “If you adopt a puppy just because it’s cute or pretty, you’re more at risk of being irresponsible with it.”


Clearly he speaks from experience, as he has a golden retriever named Simba. He added, “It’s been difficult for me because you can’t leave big dogs alone. I’ve had quite a lot to do. It wasn’t an easy decision for me to adopt Simba, even after considering it for a number of years. When you’re adopting an abandoned animal, please make sure that you consider the responsibilities carefully and then decide.”

Sounds like sound advice to me!

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