Vote: Which Star Do You Want Your Child to Take After?

According to a report from a major childcare education company that came out on November 24, 2040 engaged couples and 404 married couples were asked which celebrities they would want their children to take after.

The overwhelming majority said they would want their sons to take after Yoo Seung Ho, and their daughters to take after Miss A‘s Suzy. Yoo Seung Ho took first place in the survey with 38.6 percent of the votes, while Suzy took first with 23.7 percent.

Other notable mentions were Kim Soo Hyun (23.7 percent), Lee Jong Suk (11.8 percent), Kim Woo Bin (10.8 percent), Park Seo Joon (8.9 percent), and Im Siwan (5.9 percent) for the boys. For the girls, Kim Yoo Jung (18.8 percent), Park Shin Hye (17.85 percent), Park Bo Young (17.85 percent), EXID‘s Hani (12.8 percent), and AOA‘s Seolhyun (8.9 percent) were the next top contenders.

They were also asked which celebrity couple they most wanted as their in-laws. Sean and Jung Hye Young were the first choice with 35.6 percent of the votes. The other couples in the poll included Choo Sung Hoon and Yano Shiho (30.7 percent), Haha and Byul (13.8 percent), Jang Dong Gun and Ko So Young (10.9 percent), and Ahn Jung Hwan and Lee Hye Won (8.9 percent).

Which star would you want your children to take after? Also, which celebrity couple would you want as your in-laws?

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