“Bubblegum” Cast Spill Behind-the-Scenes Secrets on Their Kiss Scene

Actors Jung Ryeo Won and Lee Dong Wook revealed what really happened during their popular kiss scene in the drama “Bubblegum.”

On November 24, Jung Ryeo Won, Lee Dong Wook, and Park Hee Bon greeted their fans through the Naver V app.

When asked about Jung Ryeo Won and Lee Dong Wook’s recent kiss scene that got many viewers screaming, the actress explained, “Blowing the bubblegum in that scene was an ad-lib. Dong Wook told me, ‘Lee Hwan (Dong Wook) has [kissed] Hang Ah (Ryeo Won), so I want her to kiss him, too.’ So that part was unplanned.”

Lee Dong Wook added, “The script only said, ‘A pretty and beautiful kiss.’ Since our drama’s title is ‘Bubblegum,’ we filmed the kiss scene that way.”

Watch the lovely kiss scene below!

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