Choo Sarang to Fly In to Korea to Support Choo Sung Hoon’s Upcoming UFC Match

Choo Sarang‘s father and UFC fighter Choo Sung Hoon will be having a UFC match in Korea soon, and Choo Sarang and her mom Yano Shiho will be coming to Korea to cheer for him!

According to reports on November 24, Choo Sarang and her family will be flying in to Korea soon to attend Choo Sung Hoon’s match on November 28.

An affiliate stated, “Choo Sarang, her mother, her grandparents, and aunt will come to Choo Sung Hoon’s match to support him. Although Choo Sarang is not old enough to see the match herself, she will see him before the match to cheer for him.”

Meanwhile, Choo Sung Hoon’s match will take place in Olympic Park stadium on November 28.

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