Lee Won Geun Talks About A Pink’s Jung Eun Ji’s Leadership on the Drama Set

Actor Lee Won Geun spoke about working with A Pink’s Jung Eun Ji for the drama “Sassy Go Go.”

When it was pointed out that he seems to always be working with girl group members including Secret‘s Song Ji Eun, Girls’ Generation‘s Seohyun and now A Pink’s Jung Eun Ji, he said, “It’s fascinating to me too. But nowadays, the singers are great actors too. I think I have a lot to learn from them. In particular, Eun Ji has had the experience of leading a few works herself. Just like how she was the one person to lead in the drama, she had a lot of leadership on the set, too. She was close with the director, so she solved a lot of problems and complaints.”

He then explained some other perks about having an idol girl group member as a co-star, saying, “She has a lot of fans so there were a lot of food carts or snack carts, and the atmosphere was great. Even when other actors were tired and unable to focus, Eun Ji would always organize the situation so well. I’m really thankful for her.”

You can start watching “Sassy Go Go” below.

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