Song Il Gook’s Explosive Transformation Into a Psychopath in Upcoming Film “Tattoo” Highly Anticipated

The Return of Superman’s” Song Il Gook has been marked as the No. 1 actor whose explosive transformation onscreen is to be anticipated.

He plays a psychopath named Han Ji Soon in the upcoming film “Tattoo” opposite female lead Yoon Joo Hee. Yoon Joo Hee’s character is an unlucky tattoo artist suffering from an unspeakable hurt in the past who fatefully meets a serial killer (Song Il Gook) as a customer.

From November 16 to 22, an online survey took place about “the actor whose transformation you look forward to most ahead of a project’s release.” Song Il Gook swept the boards by taking 48% of the vote, outranking Jung Jae Young (“You Call It Passion”), Lee Byung Hun (“Inside Men”), and Ryu Seung Ryong (“The Sound of a Flower”). The actor is also popular in China and Taiwan.

A representative for the film said, “‘Tattoo’ is the combination of a traditional thriller and something unique aimed at movie fans. Song Il Gook, who is popular both on and offline, helped a lot in raising interest in the film. People can look forward to seeing how he portrays the cruelty and cold-bloodedness of a psychopath who takes pleasure in others’ pain.”

“Tattoo” is set to be released in theatres on December 10.

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