Yong Junhyung’s Future Goals and Thoughts on BEAST’s Longevity

BEAST member Yong Junhyung recently sat down for an article with The Star, where he spoke on a variety of topics from his time on “Law of the Jungle” to his thoughts on being a “producing idol.”

In particular, The Star asked him if there were any secrets towards BEAST, who debuted six years ago, staying together for such a long time.

“I think [the answer] is ‘not thinking about anything.’ This may seem like a ‘cool’ answer, but it’s the truth. Rather, I think that [thinking] things like ‘We have to do well’ or ‘We have to be good friends’ causes people to be more burdened. In our case, we really nonsensically joked around like friends [everyday] from the time we woke up to when we fell asleep. Because of that, every time I meet our members, I completely forget about my stress.”

The Star also asked the singer if he had achieved all the goals he had set pre-debut.

“I think I’ve started [to achieve them]. My dream was to supervise my own album from the [creation] of the songs to a concert. Four years after debut, I was able to produce my own solo-album, and I’m still [producing new songs] up until now. My goal is to create a gem-like album where I don’t have to throw away a single song.”

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