PSY Shares Preview of Track Featuring JYJ’s Junsu from Upcoming Album

PSY and JYJ‘s Junsu have announced that the two artists came together to collaborate on a very meaningful track for PSY’s upcoming seventh album.

On the November 25 episode of his V app live broadcast series “PSY Little Television,” PSY plays a clip of the second song on his new album for viewers. The song is entitled “Dream,” and he announces that it is dedicated to his close friend Shin Hae Chul, who passed away last October.

PSY explains that the lyrics of the song were based on things that Shin Hae Chul used to often say when they went out to drink together. “Oddly enough, he had studied philosophy, so he talked a lot about death, and he tried to define it,” says PSY. “He said, ‘Isn’t the life we’re living now all a dream?’ He wondered if dying wasn’t just waking up from that dream.”

On the topic of why he chose Junsu to feature on the song, PSY says, “It’s a very sad song, which contains a personal story. I spent a long time struggling to think of someone who could express that sadness. Two months after I made the song, I still hadn’t found someone, but then I saw the musical ‘Death Note’ and suggested to Junsu that he feature on the track.”

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“Before we’d even met in person for the first time, he agreed over the phone to feature on the song,” continues PSY. “We met for the first time in the recording studio. The song took less than 30 minutes to make.”

On November 26, JYJ’s official Facebook shared a photo of Junsu with the caption “Surprise! PSY and I met up last summer and recorded the new song ‘Dream’!”

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You can listen to PSY’s preview of the track below.

PSY’s seventh album will be released on December 1 at midnight KST, and features two title tracks, “Daddy” and “Bell-Bottoms.” The international superstar will be performing the next day at MAMA.

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