Song Il Gook Confesses Taking Care of Triplets Is Harder Than Acting

Song Il Gook confessed that acting was easier than taking care of triplets.

On the episode of SBS’s “Night of TV Entertainment” aired on November 25, Song Il Gook is interviewed for his drastic transformation into a ruthless serial killer in the movie “Tattoo.”

When asked, “Was it hard to play the role of a psychopath killer,” he answers, “No, it was not. I had fun. I really wanted this kind of role, but the opportunity never came around before.”

“This movie has given me a big opportunity and a vacation,” he says. “Working is like a vacation to me.”

“Taking care of children is tiring, so I had a rougher time when I was at home taking care of the kids on my days off rather than when I was actually acting,” he confesses.

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