Ki Hong Lee Talks About Representing Korean-Americans and His Career

Ki Hong Lee, who has been capturing fans’ hearts with his role as Minho in the “Maze Runner” series, flaunted his charms in a recent photo shoot.

Though he had visited Korea last September to promote his movie “Maze Runner: Scorch Trials,” the actor returned again for a pictorial with fashion magazine Elle.

While his name stands side-by-side with global stars like Dylan O’Brien and Thomas Sangster on the credits for “Maze Runner,” he showed humility during his interview.

“Don’t they say it’s like winning the lottery? That’s why I’m thankful to many people. If it weren’t for them, I wouldn’t be where I am today,” he said.

He also added that despite the presumption that he became a star overnight, he actually had patiently taken the appropriate steps into becoming an actor.

When he was an ordinary student studying psychology at UC Berkley, Ki Hong Lee made the drastic decision to change his career path and become an actor. From minor characters to a main character in a motion pictures series, he constantly prepared himself through various roles, including working with YouTube’s beloved filmmakers Wong Fu Productions.

“Though starring in ‘Maze Runner’ is such a great opportunity for me, I’m also very conscious of Korean’s evaluations. I think of myself as the representative of Korean Americans, so I believe I must do well for Korea, not myself,” he confessed.

He also commented on being selected by People Magazine as the fourth sexiest guy of 2014.

“I don’t find myself sexy. I think it’s more important that I, as a Korean, made it on the list,” he said.

Fans will be able to see Ki Hong Lee’s double sided charms of both sexiness and sweetness in the December issue of Elle.

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