Gary and Taiwanese Star Peter Ho Will Be Releasing a Collaboration Album

Gary will be collaborating with Taiwan’s most beloved star Peter Ho.

According to a media insider on November 26, Gary will be releasing an album with Peter Ho early next year.

The release date will most likely be January 5. Gary will rap while Peter Ho, who has made a name for himself as an actor and singer, will sing. It is assumed that the members of “Running Man” will join in as well.

Gary and Peter Ho met after a meeting for a Taiwanese drama, produced by Peter Ho, was held in Korea. The two met in Seoul and agreed on a collaboration album, eager to see the synergy effect between the popularity of “Running Man” and Peter Ho.

“The two have decided to film the music video around December 10. It will display the strong bond of loyalty between the “Running Man” members,” a media insider said.

“Running Man” is currently the biggest hit in China. Peter Ho, too, is Taiwan’s greatest star, and he recently filmed the drama “Beautiful Secret” with f(x)‘s Victoria.

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