Secret’s Hyosung Shows Off Her Seductive Beauty in CeCi Magazine

Secret’s Hyosung recently had a beauty pictorial with fashion magazine CeCi. Hyosung comments, “I was always interested in makeup. I put on more dramatic makeup for special occasions. I try different things to find the most suitable makeup style for my face. I usually apply my daily makeup look.”

A CeCi editor present at the photo shoot remarks, “I understand that Hyosung usually takes photos that accentuate her glamorous figure. But when she showed up to the set without any makeup on, she looked so beautiful and innocent.”

jun hyosung-2

The editor also adds, “Hyosung has a clear and light complexion. She has facial features perfectly suited for various makeup styles. Her ability to interpret different makeup styles left quite an impression on me.”

After the interview, the editor complimented Hyosung’s knowledge on makeup saying she could even become a beauty consultant.

Hyosung transforms into a holiday muse wearing trendy purple, matte blue, and gold glitter. More of her pictorial can be seen in December issue of CeCi.

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