Rapper Cheetah Reveals Her Charisma and Alluring Charm in CeCi Magazine

CeCi magazine partnered up with makeup brand DelacroiX which rapper Cheetah models for. The pictorial was shot with three concepts in mind. It shows off Cheetah’s signature style charisma as well as capturing her feminine allure.

In one of the photos, Cheetah is wearing a purple dress showing off her sexy shoulder line and pink lips. In another shot, her red lipstick and red nail color accentuate her sexy yet feminine look. She displays boyish charm at the same time with her hair combed to the side. She also displays her signature style wearing burgundy lipstick and dramatic eyeliner in another photo.

Cheetah 2 Cheetah 3

A representative from Cheetah’s agency C9 Entertainment commented, “The December issue of CeCi magazine shows off Cheetah’s ability to grasp various fashion styles ranging from her signature charismatic look to a more feminine look. Don’t forget to check it out.”

Meanwhile, Cheetah is currently working on her new album.

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