EXID Worries Fans With Their Shocking Dieting Method

EXID has revealed their shocking secret to how they stay thin.

On November 26, EXID visited SBS‘s “Kim Chang Ryeol’s Old School” radio studio as guests.

During the broadcast, the members are asked to share some dieting tips and tricks. To this, Hani replies, “I don’t want to recommend this method but we ate just enough to not die. We ate really little.”

Junghwa adds, “We worked hard [to lose weight] since it was our comeback.” LE says, “I have a lot of hidden fat. I really can’t resist eating. I need to stop eating,” and laughs.

Fans who have come across this article are worried for the members’ health now, and left comments like “They’re already thin ):,” “Life is hard,” and “They have fat to lose?”

Meanwhile, EXID had their comeback on November 18 with their new digital single “Hot Pink.”

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