April Speaks Out About Losing a Member

It isn’t easy to get over your leader leaving for such young girls. Because of that, everyone asks them, “How do you do it?” and “Isn’t it hard?”

On November 9, girl group April‘s management company, DSP Media, relayed the news that the leader of April, Somin, will be leaving the group. The members were shocked that their leader left the group just five months after their debut. Since they were looking forward to their comeback, they had to rework all of the choreography, and redivide the parts in their new song.

Recently in an interview, the April members were asked how they are dealing with the situation. At this, the girls said, “We knew that Somin was struggling with choosing her path for a long time. Even so, we still were a bit shocked because she decided to leave so suddenly.” They added, “But we decided to respect her opinion. We’ll still be cheering each other on, even in the future.”

April has had to change their six-member choreography for their debut song “Dream Candy” and their new song “Muah!” into a five-member choreography. Commenting on the choreography the members said, “Since we had to do a six-member choreography as a five-member group, we felt even more responsibility on our shoulders. So we practiced even harder.”

April is currently starring in their own reality show, “Here Goes April,” and are promoting their new album “Boing Boing.”

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