AOA's Chanmi Reveals the Thoughtful Reason Why She Became a Celebrity

AOA‘s Chanmi shed tears while explaining why she became a celebrity.

On MBC‘s “Great Inheritance” on November 26, AOA’s Chanmi appeared as a guest. She accompanied her mother to work.

After finishing up work at a hairdresser’s, Chanmi and her mother go out for some food at night. There, Chanmi confesses her honest thoughts. She says to her mother, “The reason why I wanted to earn money fast is because I didn’t like the fact that you would work from the morning until late at night, you wouldn’t be at home, the landlord would come for rent every month, and that after you pay for our cram school fees, you wouldn’t have any money left.”

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She continued, “The reason why I tried my hand at becoming a celebrity is because I thought that if I did that, I would be able to bring the money or environment that I want a bit sooner. People think celebrities just wear pretty clothes, and I thought that if I debuted and if I did well, I would be able to earn tons of money easily. But what I didn’t consider is that I can’t work this job forever.”

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At this, Chanmi’s mother says, “I wish you only grew up as much as any other 20-year-old. I’m so sorry for making you grow up so fast.” However, Chanmi says in tears, “I got so much from you.” She also says, “I have the thought that my older sister and I should be paying for [my youngest sister] Hyemi’s university.”

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