Girls’ Generation’s Yuri Sends Message of Support to Talented Brother on “I Can See Your Voice”

Kwon Hyuk Jun, the older brother of Girls’ Generation‘s Yuri, got the chance to show off his own singing talents on this week’s episode of Mnet‘s “I Can See Your Voice,” and his sister makes sure to send her support!

Fly to the Sky‘s Hwan Hee is this week’s special guest on “I Can See Your Voice.” Each week, the guest has to figure out who are the “skilled vocalists” among the group of contestants by eliminating all the “tone-deaf people” who are simply pretending to be singers. The most important part is that the guest doesn’t get to hear the contestants perform, and instead has to rely on hints such as the way they look and their lip syncing performances.

One of the contestants this week is performing under the name “A Worker at a Trading Company and the Brother of Girls’ Generation’s Yuri.” The judging panel is doubtful that he is really her brother, especially after he does his own dance cover of Girls’ Generation’s “Lion Heart.”

After watching the contestants lip sync in the second round, Hwan Hee singles him out as one of the contestants who’s faking the ability to sing, with most of the panel’s approval. But everyone’s in for a surprise, because not only is he really Yuri’s brother, it turns out that he’s also a skilled vocalist!

kwon hyuk jun i can see your voice 2

Once he’s eliminated, Kwon Hyuk Jun shocks everyone with his impressive performance of Kim Hyung Joong‘s “Maybe.” The panel then asks him if he’s really Yuri’s brother, and when he confirms that he is, everyone freaks out. A video is then played on the big screen behind him, featuring none other than Yuri herself.

Yuri sends a cute message of support to her brother as everyone watches in amazement. “I hope that your dream will come true on ‘I Can See Your Voice,'” she says. “I’ll support you forever!”

i can see your voice yuri

Check out the clip below!

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