Top K-Drama Moments of the Week: November 9–15

Our latest top picks of K-drama moments show that love can be understated or lowkey. It can also be intrepid. And then there are moments that show love is a lost cause for others.

1. “Reply 1988” (Episode 4): The Wall

Do you already have a husband in mind for Deok Sun? Well, if this scene is any indication, then, our heroine’s wheel of fate has gotten more exciting.

Every day, Deok Sun commutes to school, but the bus is usually full, with passengers pressed together. One day, Jung Hwan realizes that Deok Sun always loses her balance as the bus makes sudden moves and stops. Worried that other guys might take advantage of her, Jung Hwan stands next to her. All while trying not to be tossed around himself, he becomes her wall, protecting her and giving her stability. His chivalry doesn’t slip past our heroine, noticing the veins bulging in his arms, and she smiles appreciatively when the bus lurches again.

2. “She Was Pretty” (Episode 16): Tied Up in a Neat Little Bow

It’s the kind of ending any romantic fan could hope for!

After their many difficulties that included a long distance relationship, Sung Joon and Hye Jin make it to the altar, and the show’s closing chapter assures us that these two will only have perpetual wedded bliss, appreciating every minute they have together, like having a picturesque picnic. Best of all, they’re able to share that happiness with their daughter, who’s just as fetching as her mom. Nothing gets our ovaries exploding than a scene of our hero taking his little girl to school and looking at her with pride in his eyes.

3. “Bubblegum” (Episode 6): Keeping It Mellow

The simplicity of this moment is what makes it special!

Ri Hwan and Haeng Ah have taken time out of their schedule to enjoy dawdling together at the beach. The pair passes time just relaxing on the sand, having a thoughtful conversation, creating imaginary doodles, and holding hands as they lie down. Even if they’re only strolling and feeding the seagulls, the lovers are utterly content living in the moment. The best way to waste time is to do it with someone you love, right?

4. “Reply 1988” (Episode 3): Uncontrollable Reaction

How close is too close? Jung Hwan definitely knows the answer.

The boys get into trouble when they sneak out and have a bottle of whiskey. However, before they can even take a sip, Dong Ryung’s father already had an inkling of another one of the boys’ mischiefs.

As Teacher Dad goes after them, Jung Hwan takes off with Deok Sun, and they hide in an alley. It’s so narrow that they must press up against each other, but it also allows Deok Sun to rest her head on his chest. Being a hot-blooded young man, however, their contact affects Jung Hwan more and more. Eeep! Deok Sun naturally notices—or rather, feels—his manly reaction down there, and despite having no room, Jung Hwan tries to push his body away from her. Aaawkward!

5. “The Village: Achiara’s Secret” (Episode 11): It Isn’t Over

It’s been declared that Hye Jin’s murder case is closed, and this relieves Ji Sook, but only temporarily.

While straightening out her daughter’s room, Ji Sook notices Yoo Na’s painting. It depicts the first night Yoo Na saw Hye Jin’s ghost on the street, and Ji Sook is aghast. Terrifying her even more is Hye Jin, who has suddenly appeared in the room. Hye Jin glares at her and asks if she really thinks everything has ended. Ji Sook tries to shake herself out of it, as Yoo Na enters the room. She asks the young girl why she drew Hye Jin, but Yoo Na asks how she knew it’s her deceased teacher when she only painted a woman’s back.

This scene isn’t particularly spine-tingling, and maybe this makes us a little bit wicked, but it pleases us to see an even more depraved person like Ji Sook be haunted by Hye Jin.

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6. “All About My Mom” (Episode 27): Her Soft Spot


Not wanting to be separated from Hyeong Soon, Chae Ri has run away from her family again and ends up at her boyfriend’s home — again. This latest escape has gotten Chae Ri sick, and so, she stays with Hyeong Soon’s mom in her bedroom. As San Ok lays awake in bed, worrying about her eldest child, she turns her attention to the sleeping girl beside her. Soon, San Ok’s maternal inclinations start to show, checking Chae Ri’s body temperature, brushing the hair off her face, and tucking her hand under the blanket. Awww. She does care for her!

7. “All About My Mom” (Episode 28): It Helps to Remember


Every day, Hye Joo brings her own lunch to work, and lucky for Hyeong Gyu, who decides to eat with her one day, she always packs for two. Unlucky for Hyeong Gyu, he has forgotten that she’s a terrible a cook. Bwahaha.

The first bite of her side dish jogs his memory of the last time he had her awful cooking, and it takes all his effort to keep the food in. Hye Joo feels embarrassed, but even so, Hyeong Gyu withstands it as he devours more than a spoonful of rice.

It is said that love is blind, but in this case, it’s also forgetful, and if they ever marry, then it won’t be a surprise as to who’ll be the cook of the house.

That’s all for this batch!

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