Upcoming Drama “Remember” Was Written With Yoo Seung Ho in Mind

As the air date for SBS’ upcoming drama “Remember” approaches, the screenwriter Yoon Hyun Ho answered questions in an interview ahead of his debut drama’s release. Yoon Hyun Ho had previously worked on the film “The Attorney,” a courtroom drama inspired by a real-life story that went on to become the second highest-grossing film in South Korea in 2013.

One of the most highly anticipated dramas near the end of 2015, “Remember” has been gaining attention recently for its all-star cast. Yoo Seung Ho, Park Min Young, Jun Kwang Ryul, and Nam Goong Min will be taking part in the drama, among others.

“Even from the planning stage, I wrote the script with Yoo Seung Ho in mind,” the screenwriter said. “He has the acting chops required to portray a character from high school up to his debut as a young lawyer. I really liked his acting in ‘I Miss You.’”

On the other actors, he said, “Park Min Young’s acting is confident and natural. It gives me strength as a writer. Park Sung Woong has the ability to play both a charismatic hyung and a friendly neighborhood hyung. He embraces both the light and heavy scenes of his lawyer character.”

The screenwriter also expressed his gratitude to the actors. “Rather than have any requests for them, I am just thankful,” he said.

“Remember” will air on December 9 following the end of “The Village: Achiara’s Secret.” Directed by Lee Chang Min and produced by Logos Films, it tells the story of a young man with an extraordinary memory who becomes a lawyer to clear his father’s name.

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