Epik High’s Tablo Opens Up About Daughter Haru’s Future

In a recent interview, hip-hop trio Epik High shared their thoughts about family. When asked about his lovable daughter, Lee Haru, Tablo said, “Haru is well. She’s going to kindergarten. There is nothing that stands out in particular but I’m grateful that she’s growing up well.”

“Sharing is in her blood,” he added. “Whenever she has anything to share, she gives it away and she takes good care of her friends. Usually around this time adults ask things like, ‘How much English can she speak? Can she write Hangeul well?’ but I don’t need any of those things. I’m glad that she takes joy in sharing. If she knows that joy, then it’s okay if she isn’t good at math or English. All the things you can’t teach, Haru already knows. Watching her, I learn a lot of things myself.”

The little girl who first stole hearts on “The Return of Superman” before her departure last year apparently still remains obsessed with animals and fish. “Lately she is showing an interest in Disney characters,” her father said, “but her love for animals and fish hasn’t changed at all. I think that her future career will have something to do with animals or fish. Maybe she will be a scientist and do wildlife or marine research. Whatever she does, if she likes it, then I think the world will be a better place.”

When the interviewer asked if Haru wanted to be a celebrity, DJ Tukutz joked, “Haru is already a celebrity.”

“Haru doesn’t think much of the fact that she’s on TV,” Tablo agreed. “Since everyone around her is on TV, she thinks that being on TV is something everybody does. Because her parents and her parents’ friends are all on TV, she thinks that everyone in the world has their own channel.”

Epik High are performing concerts at the Busan KBS Hall and Seoul Olympic Park on December 5 and 11-12, respectively.

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