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In an interview, Ji Soo described the growth of his character, Seo Ha Jun, in the drama, “Sassy Go Go.”

Different from the tough, strong image of Seo Ha Jun, actor Ji Soo was described to be more like a sweet, young boy. In the interview, the actor carefully stated, “Since I attended all-boys schools only, I was able to experience a completely different school lifestyle through this drama. I have made many great and fun memories through filming this drama and I am sad to see it end.”

The actor’s affection for his character was very large. Since the tone of the drama was very bright and positive, the actor found it difficult to play a character that was more depressed and serious. He said, “I focused on the idea of growth. Although, at first, the character seemed very depressed, I knew he would gradually become happier and learn to laugh again. In order to express that idea of growth to the viewers, I put in more effort to maintain a darker, more serious tone in the beginning. I regret that the process of that growth was not shown completely in the drama, but looking at the drama as a whole, I believe we have achieved a good result.”

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