Shinsadong Tiger Describes Each Member of EXID

Shinsadong Tiger, producer of girl group EXID, expressed his affection for the group and described each member.

He explained that Hani is a very responsible and humble person. She knows when to draw the line between things she has or needs to do and the things she wants to do. She is very logical.

He continued to describe Solji. Solji had a difficult past, especially through her struggles in 2NB. She is, however, very strong and uses her experience to help the other members of EXID. EXID as group has good energy because of her leadership.

He explained that LE represents the music style of EXID. She knows about all the singing abilities and styles of each member and therefore the members of the group go to her, not me, for advice. She says things like, “Since Junghwa is practicing singing bass notes, we should create this type of singing part for her.” She cares for the members a lot. Despite making and producing the songs, she puts the parts of the members before hers.

He then described Hyerin as the mood maker of the group. She is a very important member of the group as the group always needs her around.

Lastly, he talked about Junghwa. Junghwa is someone I am always sorry towards. Since she started working in this business at a very young age, she experienced a lot of hardship. Due to this, she is very mature for her age. She speaks well, gets along with the older members, and is very responsible.

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