Luhan Rumored to Be Experiencing Discord With Chinese “Running Man” Member

Recently, a video clip of Luhan, Kai Chung, and Deng Chao recording an episode of “Hurry Up, Brother,” which is the Chinese version of “Running Man,” surfaced. It’s a video clip recorded by a fan while the team is in Melbourne, Australia on an international special.

But there appears to be a discord. Luhan and Deng Chao form a team and take off Kai Chung’s name tag. However, as soon as Luhan takes Kai Chung’s name tag, Kai Chung literally throws a fit throwing his clothes and cap and kicking in the air. Luhan is clearly taken aback by Kai Chung’s reaction and follows him. Deng Chao also follows them behind picking up the clothes Kai Chung threw out. The rumor of re-taping is murmuring as the rumor of the team’s discord is widespread throughout SNS.

Soon after, Kai Chung posts a picture with a comment saying, “Be nice,” as Luhan follows by a comment saying “We’re good” trying to undo the damage.

There seems to be other rumors of discord on the set of the show’s Australian special. It is said the staff members were stuck in a swimming pool for two hours during the recording of a swimming pool scene. Also, the location staff members did not do a good job of providing members with meals on time.

With the spreading of negative news online, the “Hurry Up, Brother” team set out to clear up the rumor by posting comments on Weibo saying, “What you read online is not true.”

“Hurry Up, Brother” has gained explosive popularity since first airing. However, whether their popularity will continue to soar despite the rumors of discord among the members remains to be seen.

Luhan is a former member of EXO and is actively working in China. He joined “Hurry Up, Brother” as a new member in season three and has been on air every Friday since October 23 on Zhejiang TV.

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