Rookie Actress Jo Hye Jung Caught Up in Casting Controversy

Recently the rookie actress Jo Hye Jung was the centre of a controversy over her casting in the new MBC Every1 drama “Imaginary Cat.

In the drama, Jo Hye Jung plays a character called Oh Na Woo, who lost her own cat and takes care of abandoned street cats out of guilt. In the first episode (aired November 24), her path crosses with Hyun Jong Hyun (Yoo Seung Ho) when he saves her from being yelled at over feeding a stray cat. However, he then scolds her for not knowing how to take care of a cat properly.

jo hye jung

Jo Hye Jung’s casting was first revealed back in October. Many viewers were already familiar with the young actress as she appeared in the variety program “Take Care of My Dad” with her father, veteran actor Jo Jae Hyun. As a result, she was accused of getting the role in “Imaginary Cat” due to her father’s influence rather than her own talent as an actor.

About the controversy, Jo Jae Hyun said that although he normally doesn’t speak much with his daughter, he told her after the incident, “This is something you will have to endure. It was bound to happen.”

Although “Imaginary Cat” is completely pre-produced, viewers will be able to judge her acting for itself as the drama continues to unfold.

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