Yoo Seung Ho Films in Pouring Rain for Six Hours for Upcoming Drama “Remember”

Actor Yoo Seung Ho was recently praised for his passion and dedication in filming for six hours straight in a heavy downpour.

In the upcoming SBS drama “Remember,” he plays a young lawyer who seeks to clear the name of his father, who has been wrongly accused of murder. The drama is one of his first projects following his two-and-a-half-year hiatus while he was serving in the army.

The filming in question took place on November 16 at a funeral home. In the scene, Yoo Seung Ho’s father (Jun Kwang Ryul) comes to offer his condolences at the funeral of a female university student, Oh Jung Ah (Han Bo Bae), who was murdered. During the funeral, he is suddenly arrested by the police as the murderer. Yoo Seung Ho’s character screams in anguish in the falling rain, unable to prevent his father from being taken.

Although the scene had already been set to take place in the rain, on the day of filming it naturally started pouring, adding to the drama and realism of the scene. To get a more intense shot, the staff added their own sprinkler truck to the downpour. The rain came down so hard that it ripped holes in Yoo Seung Ho’s umbrella, but the actor was more concerned about the staff who had to stand out in the cold without resting.

The staff in turn was impressed by the young actor’s dedication. A representative from Logos Film, the production company, said, “When you see Yoo Seung Ho’s eyes through the monitor, you instantly feel that he is different from other actors. He says everything through his eyes and his expression and delivery has grown more mature. We hope to be able to show you his improvement soon through the broadcast.”

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