S.E.S’s Bada Reveals That She Wants to Get Married Soon

Former S.E.S member Bada revealed that she wants to get married soon, just like her fellow members.

On the November 28 broadcast of SBS‘s “Oh! My Baby,” the S.E.S members meet up.

Shoo explains, “The three members and the fans come together once a year for a charity bazaar.”


Shoo is the first to arrive at the location with her children, and then the oldest member, Bada joins her. Bada reveals later, “When I see Shoo and Eugene, I think that I want to get married.”

The editors of the show cheer her on with the caption, “We hope you meet someone special soon.”


Meanwhile, “Oh! My Baby” is a family reality show, and four unique families tell their stories about raising their young toddlers.

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