EXID’s Hani and Hyerin Play Matchmaker For Ra Yool on “Oh! My Baby”

Girl group EXID‘s Hani and Hyerin played matchmaker for little Ra Yool.

On the November 28 broadcast of SBS’s “Oh! My Baby,” Hani and Hyerin play with Shoo‘s twins, Ra Yool and Ra Hee.

On the broadcast, Hani and Hyerin sneak away so that Ra Yool and her friend Do Yoon can have some private time together. While spending time alone, Do Yoon helps Ra Yool put on her shoe, and also holds down the mat when it blows in the wind.

oh my baby 1

When they go on a swing ride together, he holds Ra Yool’s hand, showing his manly side.

oh my baby 3

Watching this, Hani and Hyerin share a proud high-five.

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