Yoon Hoo Looks All Grown Up as He Celebrates Birthday

The always responsible, clever, and adorable Yoon Hoo of the former MBC show “Dad! Where Are We Going?” celebrated his birthday recently, and he looks just as cute as ever in some photos from his special day.

On November 28, Yoon Hoo’s mom Kim Min Ji shared photos of his fun birthday celebrations to her Instagram. Yoon Hoo was born on November 28, 2006, which makes him 9 years old in Western reckoning now.

yoon hoo yoon min soo 2

In the photos, Yoon Hoo has his eyes on a cake while at home with his dad, Yoon Min Soo, and also celebrates his birthday with friends at a party. Netizens are speculating that the boy sitting next to him on his left is Lee Junsu, his co-star on “Dad! Where Are We Going?” and the son of Lee Jong Hyuk.

yoon hoo

Yoon Hoo is also seen at the store being bought toys as presents, and he smiles in another photo as he sits with a whole pile of gifts he’s received!

yoon hoo yoon min soo

It’s hard to believe that Yoon Hoo, who was so very tiny in the first episode of “Dad, Where Are We Going?”, is now so grown up. Do you remember when he was this little?


Happy birthday, Yoon Hoo!

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