Manse Impresses With His Fake Tears and Acting Skills

Like father like son, Manse proved he could possibly walk in his father’s footsteps as an actor.

On the “The Prize of Patience” episode of KBS2’s “The Return of Superman” aired on November 29, the show continues to show the triplet’s adventure at the set of “Jang Young Shil,” the drama in which Song Il Gook is playing the male lead. The three dress up as beggars in order to make a special appearance.

When filming starts, Daehan and Minguk receive the role of child beggars eating on the side of the road while Manse has to sit alone on the road crying.

triplets 4 triplets 3 triplets

A flock of actors run around the set as angry, revolting beggars, which can be a frightening sight for the young triplets. However, Manse shows his determination by holding Song Il Gook’s hand and promising to cry along.

Once the filming starts, tension fills the air. Though Daehan and Minguk happily eat their food, Manse puts extra work into digging into his emotions and soon tears up. The director is pleased with his work and soon sends out an OK sign.

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Manse jang young shil 3

“When I saw them dress up, they were adorable and knew what they were doing,” Song Il Gook says. “Congratulations to their first attempt at acting, and the fact that they got to see where their dad works is meaningful enough itself.”

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Fans are eager to see how the triplets will be portrayed in the actual episode of “Jang Young Shil.”

Watch the latest episode below.

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