“Superstar K” in Talks for Renewal Despite Lackluster Ratings

Mnet is pushing forward with its plans to renew “Superstar K” for another season despite poor viewership ratings.

A representative of Mnet stated to local news outlet OSEN on November 30, “It is true that we are planning to produce an eight season, but nothing concrete has been decided yet.”

While the recently ended “Superstar K7” gained some initial media attention for its outstanding group of contestants, the show failed to attract viewers throughout the season, drawing lackluster ratings.

As a result, some viewers have been wondering if Mnet should even continue to bring back its flagship singing competition show. The producers have faced criticism for the broadcasting accidents and editing controversies that frequently took place during the seventh season.

But despite all the negative feedback, it appears that Mnet will once again try to recreate the hype of the first few seasons of “Superstar K.”

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