Lee Won Geun Picks Which Girl Group He Would Want to Join

In a recent interview with “The Star,” actor Lee Won Geun is asked, “If you were a woman, what girl group would you want to be a member of, and why?”

Lee Won Geun bursts out laughing at the question, and then adorably takes some time to seriously consider his answer.

The show suggests four possible options, the twist being that each group includes one of his former co-stars. They suggest Girls’ Generation (which includes Seohyun, who plays his first love in “Madly in Love“), Girl’s Day (which includes his “Hyde Jekyll, Me” co-star Hyeri), A Pink (featuring his “Sassy Go Go” co-star Jung Eun Ji), and Secret (which includes member Song Ji Eun, who starred with Lee Won Geun in the web drama “Longing for Spring”).

“This is tough,” he says. “First of all, I’m tall, but if I were a woman I’d seem even taller. So maybe Girls’ Generation, since they’re tall.”

Check out the clip below!

Lee Won Geun will soon be hitting the big screen with the film “Female Teacher,” which is slated for release in the first half of next year.

Do you think Girls’ Generation would be a good fit for Lee Won Geun?

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