Park Min Young Adorably Photo Bombs Yoo Seung Ho Behind the Scenes of “Remember”

While fans are eager to see the love lines in “Remember” play out, an image of Park Min Young photo bombing Yoo Seung Ho hinted at the possible chemistry between the two.

The SBS drama “Remember” revealed images of the set that show Yoo Seung Ho with Park Min Young on November 30, making fans eager for the upcoming show.

In the image, Yoo Seung Ho is surprised when he sees Park Min Young photo bombing his shot, but soon poses with her, throwing a peace sign with a big smile. The joking yet friendly atmosphere of the set is evident in the picture.

“The moment you capture the two in the same frame, the atmosphere takes on a romantic air,” the staff said. “We’ll be able to share an impressive melodrama with the viewers because both actors are very sentimental.”

Meanwhile, “Remember” is the drama debut for Yoon Hyun Ho, the writer of the film “The Attorney,” and will air after “The Village: Achiara’s Secret.” The first episode will air on December 9.

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