Choo Sarang Sobs When Her Family Dresses Up in Costume on “The Return of Superman”

On November 29’s episode of “The Return of Superman,” Choo Sarang is far from thrilled by the birthday surprise her family has prepared for her!

Choo Sarang’s love of all things Disney is well known, and so her dad Choo Sung Hoon and her grandfather dress up as Mickey and Minnie Mouse as a treat for the birthday girl. But when she comes back from an outing with her grandmother, she knows it’s them right away. “That’s grandpa and dad!” she tells her grandmother with a big smile on her face.

the return of superman choo sarang 2

“Hello!” says her dad over and over in a hilarious voice, reaching out to shake her hand. Choo Sarang isn’t fooled one bit, and laughs, “You’re dad!”

Choo Sung Hoon keeps insisting he’s Mickey Mouse, and Choo Sarang seems to be getting frustrated as she tells him to take off the costume. Meanwhile, her mother Yano Shiho is arriving at their apartment dressed up as Elsa from “Frozen”!

the return of superman yano shiho

She opens the door and asks, “Is Sarang here?” Choo Sarang, recognizing her voice immediately, runs to the stairs and says, “Mom? That’s mom!”

But once again Choo Sarang is contradicted when Yano Shiho replies as Elsa, “Your mom asked me to come.”

This is just the last straw for Choo Sarang, and she wails, “It’s mom!”

the return of superman choo sarang 3

See how her parents respond to her surprising tearful reaction in the video below. Choo Sarang’s birthday surprise starts at 43:02.

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