DAY6’s Jae Gives Shoutout to 15&’s Yerin and BTS for Their Comebacks

Amid all the comebacks of various stars, Day6‘s Jae gave a shoutout to 15&‘s Baek Yerin and BTS for their new albums!

On November 30, Jae posted a photo of Yerin’s new album “Frank” on his Twitter and wrote, “No words necessary.”

day6 jae 1

Soon after, some of his followers urged Jae to check out BTS’s new album and their title song “Run.”

Jae listened to his fans and later posted on Twitter again, saying, “Yo Butterfly’s hook is sick….. guess we are in the age where good music gets the attention. #Kudos #BoysCanSing,” and, “the MV for Run is sick too…. #KNowIknowWhatsGoodWithTheHype”

day6 jae 2 day6 jae 3

Also, Jae must be a big fan of BTS, because when someone asked, “would you let everyone in BTS punch you in the face because I would,” Jae replied, “If With the force of the blow RapMon transferred over to me half of his IQ…yes. Yes.I.Would.”

day6 jae 4

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