Seo Young Reveals How Difficult It Was Filming Her Bed Scene With Song Il Gook

Actress Seo Young talked about her exhausting bed scene with actor Song Il Gook.

On December 1, Seo Young said during the press conference for the upcoming film “Tattoo,” “I was very grateful for getting to film this movie since actresses don’t get many chances to show a full-body tattoo. My tattoos took a total of three and a half hours to draw. It was okay when I had my clothes on, but the tattoos got erased during the bed scene with Song Il Gook, so it was a bit difficult.”

The actress continued, “We filmed the bed scene for about 34 hours. It’s not a bed scene, really. We filmed on the hard, wooden floor. I was so tired after filming that I was about to pass out. For me, blood got on my hair and it hardened, so I had to cut some of my hair off. It was difficult to film, but I think the scene came out charmingly.”

“Tattoo” is about a tattooist who coincidentally meets Ji Soon (Song Il Gook), a man who has assaulted her in the past. She plans to insert poison into the tattoo ink to kill him. Fans are excited and curious to see Song Il Gook play the role of a psychopathic murderer. It will premiere on December 10.

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