Exclusive: BIGBANG and EXO at the MAMA 2015 Winners’ Press Conference

They came, they performed, they conquered! BIGBANG and EXO were the men of the hour, or shall we say men of the year, during the 2015 MAMA. EXO took home the awards for Best Asian Style, Global Fan Choice, Best Male Group, and Album of the Year, while BIGBANG carried the awards for Worldwide Favorite Artist, Song of the Year, Best Music Video, and Artist of the Year.

Since the awards show ran overtime, the post-show press conference, held after midnight, ended up being limited to EXO and BIGBANG. Um. We’ll take it. No questions asked.


EXO came in first. Passing the microphone back and forth, Suho, Baekhyun, and Chanyeol thanked everyone for their support and talked about what it was like to perform at MAMA and watch all the awesome performances. The boys posed and bowed, then shuffled off the stage.





Taeyang nearly tripped on his way to the stage. G-Dragon expressed his thanks, then passed the microphone to T.O.P, who told the audience he loved them and thanked them… in Korean, Chinese, Thai, Japanese, French, and whatever other languages he could remember at the moment. Then he did it again.

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Hope everyone enjoyed MAMA!

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