TVXQ’s Changmin Writes a Handwritten Letter to Fans From the Military

TVXQ‘s Changmin sent a handwritten letter from the military.

On December 3, Changmin’s letter was posted on TVXQ’s official website.

He writes, “Salute! This is trainee number 54, Shim Changmin.”

He offers some news about himself, saying, “I am doing very well. I’m getting along well with the other trainees, and I’m eating crazy well like I usually do!”

He then thanks his fans and also his friends who came, including “Teukie [Leeteuk] hyung, who folded me a letter shyly like a young girl; Kangin hyung, who was heartily making fun of me when I was nervous; my love Cho Kyu [Kyuhyun] who has no manners; the pathetic but lovable Choi Minho, who for some ridiculous reason teared up even when my own family wasn’t crying and made me tear up a bit too.”

He also thanks members of EXO, including “My dongsaeng Xiuminseok that I treasure; Baekhyun, who I personally have super huge and high hopes for; my super pretty dongsaeng Chen who moved me by coming without even telling me!; […] and oh! He didn’t actually come, random… but cute Chanyeol, who said he called right after he got back from China.”

He then goes on to thank his fans, saying, “Whenever I see messages from fans, I get energy! Our lovely Cassiopeia! I will shorten that into Cavely.”

Lastly, he gave some updates from the army as well, saying, “Our Red Velvet friends are very popular here, so I’m very proud.” He also said, “I’m not in the same squadron as Siwon, but I think we’re going to become best friends…”

Netizens responded by saying, “That military suit looks good because Changmin’s wearing it,” “TVXQ are good people… no wonder they have good people around them,” and “He shows how nice he is throughout the whole letter. Have a safe service!”

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