BTS's Jin Beautifully Sings

BTS’s Jin turned 23 today, December 4, and left fans the ultimate gift! 

It’s not often you get to hear a group member’s voice for the entirety of a track sans solo debut, and Jin gifted everyone with just that on BTS’s official Soundcloud, with what can only be presumed as a song for fans, singing “I Love You,” originally by Mate.

The song highlights Jin’s beautiful voice, with harmonies and a simple piano accompaniment. 

Happy birthday, Jin!

Check out the cover below, as well as Jin’s message to ARMY:

Hello, this is Jin.

I’m posting a cover for the first time in a long time.

I had been thinking of posting a cover on a good day, and I’m really happy to be able to share my voice with everyone on my birthday.

I really wanted to share my voice on my birthday, and I’ve been preparing for a long time. It was difficult because the preparation was like for an album, but I wanted to relay how I felt with a great song on a happy day, so I worked really hard on this. 

I’d like very much if you enjoyed it.

This time, I covered a song called “I Love You,” and it’s a song I’ve liked a lot since my trainee days. It moved me a lot when I heard it for the first time, and when thinking about what song I would show you on my birthday, I thought what better song than this to tell ARMY how I feel.

I usually like saying “I like you” more, but at least for today, I want to say “I love you.”

If you felt through the song just how much I love ARMY, I’d really like that.

Thank you so much for always being there for us and liking us. I love you.

Here’s the original by Mate:

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