EXO Shows Their Fanboy Love for “Star Wars” in Video from Vogue Photo Shoot

EXO recently teamed up with Vogue for a special “Star Wars” themed photo shoot, and in a newly released video, they get to talk about their fan love for the classic series.

The shoot is a special collaboration between SM Entertainment and Walt Disney as part of the build up to December’s release of “Star Wars: The Force Awakens.” EXO previously also dropped a single called “Lightsaber” to promote the film.

In the interview from the set of their Vogue photo shoot, Suho says, “We’re all big fans of ‘Star Wars,’ so we’ve mentioned ‘Star Wars’ a lot in the past. When we were asked if we wanted to become honorary ambassadors for the film, we happily said it would be great.”

Kai explains that they’re acting as kids who love “Star Wars” for their photo shoot. “It was a lot of fun, and it seems like an experience we won’t get to have again,” he says. “In the future if I have the chance, I’d like to make an appearance.” Suho turns to him and says, “In the film? I’d like to do that too.”

When asked which character from the series they like the most, Sehun first shares that EXO member Chanyeol is known as “Yoda” because of his relatively big ears. “I think I like Yoda in ‘Star Wars’ because I like Chanyeol,” he jokes.

exo star wars 5

Kai and Chen both say that their favorite character is Darth Vader.

kai chen

“I like the cute robot R2-D2,” says Suho. “I use an R2-D2 key chain for my car keys.” Suho then does a hilariously adorable impression of the beeping noises R2-D2 makes to communicate.

exo suho

It seems like it’s no contest at all when the guys are asked who loves “Star Wars” the most in the group. All four members point to Suho right away, including Suho himself. “There’s a huge action figure over there,” says Kai, pointing to the action figures behind them. “He already has that one.” Suho adds, “I also have a lightsaber.”

exo star wars 4

Kai jokes that when he goes into Suho’s room, there’s so much “Star Wars”-related stuff that he thinks maybe Suho should tidy up.

Watch the video below!

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