Younger Version of Song Il Gook’s Character Cast by Historical Drama After 2 Months of Auditions

KBS is giving us a sneak peek at the much-anticipated historical drama “Jang Young Sil” with stills featuring both leading man Song Il Gook and the child actor playing a younger version of his character!

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12-year-old actor Jung Yoon Suk is taking the role of the young version of the character Jang Young Sil, who is portrayed later in life by the drama’s star Song Il Gook. A representative from KBS says, “We worked very hard to find the young Jang Young Sil. We’ve been looking for the best child actor to take the role since the beginning of production, and after numerous auditions over a span of more than two months, we chose Jung Yoon Suk.”

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Jung Yoon Suk has a special connection with Song Il Gook, as he debuted in Song Il Gook’s famous historical drama “Jumong” at the age of four.

jang young sil 2

The representative from KBS states, “Child actor Jung Yoon Suk will be playing Jang Young Sil during his difficult childhood, when he showed great intelligence and superior scientific understanding but suffered because of his status as a slave.”

They add that Jung Yoon Suk has come to be known as a “sponge” on set because of his ability to quickly memorize his lines.

“Jang Young Sil” is slated to air its first episode on January 2.

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