Who Had the Most Performance Airtime at the 2015 MAMA?

The 2015 MAMA was a playground for the big three — YG Entertainment, SM Entertainment, JYP Entertainment — again this year, according to a report by TV Daily.

So much so, that some are asking whether or not they had too much of the focus of the night, considering the fact that Mnet, according to the report by TV Daily, did not even invite some of the other award nominees to attend the show.

The difference in presence can clearly be seen comparing performance times for the agencies and artists.

BIGBANG_7Out of the big three, YG by far had the most performance air time during the show. Out of the total performance time of 1 hour and 48 minutes, YG artists made up 40.35 percent of that, with 43 minutes and 35 seconds on stage. Although, if the Mel0n Music Awards held earlier this year were any indication, this is no surprise.

Here is the YG time on stage broken up by artist:

BIGBANG — 12:10

PSY — 11:05

2NE1 (including CL’s solo) — 10:45

iKON — 9:35

exo lightsaber 2015 mama

The next of the big three is SM Entertainment, rocking the stage for 23.54 percent of the total performance time, with 23 minutes, 25 seconds on stage.

SM artists’ time on stage:

EXO — 11:11

f(x) — 6:15

SHINee — 5:46

Taeyeon — 3:13


JYP, with just two artists hitting the stage, including head honcho Park Jin Young himself, clocked in at 10 minutes and 51 seconds, which was 10.05 percent of the total performance time.

JYP artists’ time on stage:

Park Jin Young — 6:15

GOT7 — 4:36

Everyone else combined made up the remaining 26.06 percent of the show’s performances: Amoeba Culture’s Zion.T, YMC Entertainment’s Jessi, Cube’s HyunA, Brand New Music’s San E, Happy Robot Record’s KOXX, BigHit’s BTS, and the artists from Mnet’s “Superstar K,” “Show Me the Money,” and “Unpretty Rapstar.”

What do you think? Is it natural for the big three to dominate the airtime — they are the “big three,” after all — or should the awards better represent all artists?

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