Stephanie Lee Says Eric Nam’s Popularity Exceeds That of John Park’s On “Happy Together”

Eric Nam’s increasing popularity shows once again because of Stephanie Lee on “Happy Together.”

On the December 3 broadcast of KBS2’s “Happy Together,” the show presents an ‘I’m from America’ special with Stephanie Lee, John Park, Eric Nam, Yoon Sang, and Lee Hyun Woo as guests.

On this episode, the fact that Jamie Foxx had showed an interest in Eric Nam in the past was brought up. At this, Stephanie Lee says, “In New York, my model friends all know Eric Nam. When we talk about K-pop, everything is about Eric Nam.”

The hosts then ask her, “What about John Park? Do your friends know John Park?” Surprised by the question, Stephanie Lee stammers and not knowing what to say, just gives a thumbs up toward John Park, implying his unknown status in her group of friends.

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