U-KISS’ Eli Reveals He Has Been Married Since Last Year and Will Become a Father Soon

UPDATE: Eli has removed the image from his Instagram, but then re-posted it again with the hashtag #gotereasedhehe at the end.

Earlier today, U-KISSEli surprised everyone by announcing on Instagram he has been married since last year and his wife is three months pregnant.

He mentions that they had been together for five years and applied for their marriage licence in June of 2014. Eli goes on to apologize to fans that feel betrayed.

Read his full message below.

eli married

Congratulations to the happy couple! Hopefully they can have their ceremony soon and celebrate their marriage.

Eli is currently filming for the drama “Only You” with fellow U-KISS member Kevin.

Former U-KISS member Dongho just got married last week. 

Thanks to Ellen for the tip!