Girls’ Generation’s Tiffany and BTS’s V Have Cute Interaction on “Music Bank”

Girls’ Generation’s sub-unit TaeTiSeo and BTS held their comeback stage performances on KBS’s “Music Bank” on December 4.

Before performing, the two groups introduced their songs together. Hawk-eyed netizens noticed a playful interaction between Tiffany and V. Clips of their brief interaction have been spreading with viewers commenting on how cute the situation was.

After TaeTiSeo talks about their new song, V lowers himself in order to avoid blocking J-Hope from the camera. Tiffany notices and playfully nudges V with her elbow. She might have thought that he was being considerate and trying to match her height. At this, V appears to be a bit surprised. Fans have been commenting that the interaction reveals how friendly Tiffany is despite her being a senior to them as well as how adorable V is for his reaction.

Watch the interaction below (starts around 0:35):

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