Song Ji Hyo Searches for Missing Gary on “Running Man”

In the upcoming broadcast of SBS’ “Running Man,” the other members have to search for the missing Gary.

During the recording, Gary is locked in a cube somewhere in the middle of Seoul by the staff. Gary has to call the other members to give them clues to his location.

However, Gary himself does not know exactly where he is and he can only see out of one side of the cube, which is shaped like a portable room with one glass wall. The members have to find him using only the limited hints he can give them.

running man gary

During the mission, Song Ji Hyo searches diligently for the other half of the “Monday Couple,” while shouting, “Oppa, where are you?”

Gary is given only a limited time to talk to his members and gives short, vague descriptions such as, “I can see the Han River bridge” and “I can see reeds.” The members have to search a wide area in order to try and find him.

To see whether they can rescue Gary from his prison, tune in to the episode, which airs on December 6 at 4:50 p.m KST.

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