INFINITE’s Sunggyu Answers 50 Burning Questions

INFINITE’s Sunggyu answers some interesting questions in an interview with MBN Star. Sunggyu is known as the man of infinite possibilities. With his ability to carry on a witty conversation, he has become one of the most popular variety show guests. What drives this idol? Let’s find out many shades of Sunggyu with his answers to 50 burning questions.

1. Kim Sunggyu, please come up with an acronym using your name.
Kim – Kim Sunggyu is the best.
Sung – Sunggyu is the best.
Gyu – Gyu is the best.

2. What flower do you resemble?

3. What was your nickname in your childhood?
Shrimp eyes.

4. Who was your first love?
A friend from high school freshman year.

5. What’s your most attractive attribute?

6. If you didn’t become a singer, what would you be doing now?
Probably nothing.

7. Any sexy quality about you that no one knows about?
I’m not sexy.

8. How many points do you give yourself out of 100 fro a woman’s perspective?

9. Who would you have been in your past life?
An aristocrat.

10. Which member doesn’t share a similar sense of humor?

11. Where do you rank as far as your charm within your group?
First place.

12. What important fact should we know about MBC Every1’s “Show Time?”
Since it’s been two years since we have done a reality show, I hope everyone notices how hard the members are working on the show.

13. If you could turn back time, what would you never do?
Drinking! I don’t drink much though.

14. When are you a masculine man?
I’m always a masculine man!

15. What habit would you like to eliminate most?
Slouching. I want to fix my posture.

16. When did you have the most regret?
I always have regrets, but I try to forget and move on since it’s in the past. I shouldn’t have regrets. I must’ve thought I was doing the right thing at the time.

17. Which part of your appearance would you like to pass on to your kids?
None. I know I’m cool though.

18. Which part of you (including personality) would you not like to pass onto your offspring?
Everything!!! Even though I’m cool, I’d like to have a child who is much cooler and nicer than me.

19. Any physical secrets?
Secrets are meant to be kept secret.

20. Perceptions about you that you want to get rid of.
Perceptions are hard to change. Others’ perceptions are important, but hard to change. I gave up.

21. What’s your alcohol limit and do you have any drunken fits?
My alcohol limit is about two bottles of soju. I really want to quit drinking. I tend to fall asleep.

22. What’s your ideal wedding?
Small wedding with only family and close friends.

23. What part of your personality changes when you date?
I don’t change!

24. Trait in a girlfriend you cannot tolerate.
Someone selfish. I can’t have that.

25. What was the turning point in your life?
Becoming part of INFINITE.

26. Have you ever contributed to world peace?
I pray for world’s peace.

27. What is your favorite English word?

28. What’s behind your witty conversation skills?
I talk too much. I’m actually a very bright person. I’ve become more pessimistic.

29. What type of person will you be in 10 years?
I want to be bright and optimistic. Someone who smiles all the time!

30. If you have a tendency to be pretentious, what are the symptoms?
I’m not sure, but I believe I do have it.

31. What’s your worst negative comments online?
I remember someone cursing me and she used to be my fan. It shocked me.

32. What do you do when you’re irritated?
I used to drink, but I’m going to quit. I’ll go boxing, study music, and go shopping!

33. If you could’ve been born a woman, which member would fall for you?
No one! I don’t even want to think about it.

34. Any memorable fans?
There’s someone who says she will forever support me as a fan no matter what. I’m so thankful.

35. What time of the day are you the happiest?
When I sleep. I’m happy when I get good sleep.

36. Which celebrity friend (besides your group) do you chat with the most?
No one. I don’t stay in touch with celebrity friends that much.

37. Would you date publicly or not?
I will not date.

38. How would you grade 27 years of your life?
Grade F

39. You’re 50 years old. What does your life look like?
I hope I’m smiling with people I love.

40. What’s on your bucket list for next year?
Exercise, make music, do a musical, find a new challenge.

41. Who are you jealous of these days?
No one. I don’t get jealous.

42. What makes up 80 percent of Sunggyu?
Flesh and bones.

43. Who is your role model in life?
I don’t have a role model. But there is someone I don’t want to emulate. I think I’m living this way because I tried not to live like that person.

44. What makes you angry?
When people don’t trust me.

45. What is the most beautiful thing in the world?
Deserted island.

46. When was your happiest moment in life?
When I work hard for my dreams!

47. How many times have you been in relationships?
I can’t remember, haha.

48. Who would you choose between a beautiful but stupid woman vs. an ugly but wise woman?
A beautiful but stupid woman. That’s because I’m an ugly and wise man.

49. If you were to compare yourself to a song?
“It’s Only My World”

50. What is INFINITE to Sunggyu?
My dream.

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