Girls’ Generation Members Wish Yuri a Happy Birthday

Girls’ Generation’s Tiffany wished fellow member Yuri a happy birthday.

On December 5, Yuri’s birthday, Tiffany uploaded a photo she took with Yuri with the caption, “Happy birthday baby,” on her personal Instagram. In the photo, the two girls pose closely next to each other.

Despite being very busy with TaeTiSeo’s recent comeback, Tiffany is sweet to not forget about her fellow member’s birthday.

Tiffany, who is part of SM Entertainment’s number one unit group, TaeTiSeo, is especially busy with the release of TaeTiSeo’s Christmas special album, which recently topped many global music charts. The album topped iTunes charts all over the world, including in Hong Kong, Thailand, Singapore, Vietnam, and more.

Tiffany was not alone, however, in wishing Yuri a happy birthday. Sooyoung, YoonA, and Seohyun also took to their personal Instagrams to celebrate Yuri’s birthday.

Sooyoung wrote, “Happy birthday Yuri. It is making me tear up that we will be wearing graduation caps soon,” with a cute picture of the two.

sooyoung yuri

Seohyun wrote, “Unni, happy birthday. Love you, love you,” with a picture of them on the set of the “Party” music video.

yuri seohyun

Lastly, YoonA wrote, “Happy birthday unni. I love you,” with a picture of the two in front of a Christmas tree.

yoona yuri

Happy birthday, Yuri! We love you, too!

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