Sasaengs Caught on Camera Harassing EXO and INFINITE's Woohyun

Although we often hear about idols getting harrassed by sasaengs, we don’t often see it happen in real time, but this past weekend two separate videos of sasaeng incidents were uploaded online.

First, on December 6, EXO‘s Suho, Chanyeol, Baekhyun, and Sehun broadcasted a live segment from Naver’s V App. Within the first ten minutes of the broadcast both Chanyeol and Sehun were called over three times.

Chanyeol gets called first, although he picks up the call, he quickly hangs up noting that “An unknown number keeps calling me looking for ‘oppa.'” A few minutes later Sehun’s phone rings. Although he rejects the call, his phone rings again a few seconds later; he sighs that an unknown number keeps calling him as well.

Chanyeol responds asking, “Hey, does [that number] possibly [end with] 5474?” Sehun confirms and Chanyeol comments that it’s the same number that’s been calling him.

In a separate incident, INFINITE’s Woohyun was touched inappropriately by a fan while in the airport on the weekend of December 4. In the video, a fan repeatedly asks Woohyun questions while standing right next to him. He answers them despite looking uncomfortable, but at the end suddenly moves before calling her off for touching his butt. The girl insists she didn’t mean to touch him before the video cuts off.

The two videos can be seen below.

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